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Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network

Welcome to our network dedicated to advancing tuberculosis
clinical research across Australia and New Zealand

Community Advisory Board

The Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network is seeking the voices of those who have been impacted by tuberculosis (TB), either in their own personal lives, or through friends, families, and loved ones. This Community Advisory Board is a space to share your TB stories and work with other passionate members to help researchers decide the most important problems faced by communities impacted by this disease, and create awareness about TB research.

ACTnet is actively recruiting new members to enrich our Community Advisory Board (CAB).

As a CAB member, you will play a vital role in shaping tuberculosis research and programs by providing community perspectives and constructive input.

CAB provides members with the opportunity to: 

  • Share your TB story

  • Provide your views on current and future TB research being conducted in Australasia

  • Help researchers decide on the most important problems facing people with TB

  • Guide TB programs on how to improve TB care and control


CAB meetings are held regularly with meetings running 1-2 hours. Members also receive a small stipend for meeting attendance.

Who should join the TB CAB?

As a TB survivor, or someone impacted by the disease, we recognise that your experiences navigating your own care, or that of loved ones, are crucial in shaping TB research. 


We would love to hear any specific perspectives you would like to bring to the TB CAB: whether it be any formal affiliations you may have, relevant qualifications, or simply an area of TB research you are passionate about or have been personally impacted by.


There are no minimum academic or technical qualifications expected of this position -- we are seeking those who are passionate about improving TB research and awareness through the ongoing meetings. 

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