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Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network

Welcome to our network dedicated to advancing tuberculosis
clinical research across Australia and New Zealand

Research Highlights - ACTnet & Partners

We are deeply committed to advancing tuberculosis research initiatives throughout both Australia and New Zealand. Our unwavering dedication underscores our belief in the importance of combating this pressing global health challenge through engaging research.


Below, we spotlight key projects that capture our interest and align with our overarching mission to drive impactful advancements in the field of tuberculosis research within the Australasia region.

We have established relationships with the Australian Respiratory Council, Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, Australian Infectious Diseases Society, National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee as well as national and state government and health.

Institutions: National Health and Medical Research Council, University of Sydney, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Researchers: Professor Greg Fox, Professor Nguyen Viet Nhung, Professor Nguyen Thu Anh, Professor Guy Marks

Vietnam is among the countries that face the highest burden of drug-resistant TB. The VQUIN study aimed to test the efficacy of an antibiotic in preventing multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. The study recruited household members of patients with drug-resistant TB and provided them with six months of antibiotic therapy. The results showed that the antibiotic, levofloxacin, reduced the incidence of tuberculosis by half among people with the infection, while also reducing costs for the health system. The study has had a significant impact on policy, as the Vietnam National Tuberculosis Program introduced new guidelines based on this newly proven treatment in January 2024.

The VQUIN Trial has filled an important evidence gap in global guidelines, and ensures that people at high risk of drug-resistant TB can be protected against this devastating infectious disease


Professor Nguyen Viet Nhung, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam National University

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Changing global policy for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis

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