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Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network

Welcome to our network dedicated to advancing tuberculosis
clinical research across Australia and New Zealand

ACTnet Research Support


ACTnet will assist with the development and implementation of multi-centre research proposals for clinical tuberculosis research in Australia and New Zealand.


We have established relationships with the Australian Respiratory Council, Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, Australian Infectious Diseases Society, National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee as well as national and state government and health.


The ARC is seeking to award research grants of approximately $20,000 per grant in 2023/2024.


Grants are available for researchers and scholars conducting research in basic science, clinical studies, and public health initiatives focused on two key themes:

I. Infectious lung diseases caused by M. tuberculosis or other respiratory pathogens.

II. Chronic respiratory diseases associated with environmental factors like tobacco or bushfire smoke exposure.

Qualified applicants may apply for funding to support their work in these areas.

Central to the purpose of ASID is the recognition and support of contributions by members to microbiology and the advancement of infectious diseases research.

ASID Research Grant

Awarded annually, the $25,000 ASID Research Grant aims to foster and encourage clinical infectious diseases research by ASID members and to provide seed funding for research to strengthen subsequent competitive grant applications.

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