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Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network 

The Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network (ACTnet) is a collaborative clinical research group spanning Australia and New Zealand. Following the successful model of the European “TBnet" collaboration (, ACTnet will engage clinicians and researchers across the two countries to conduct high-quality research of national and international significance. It will provide a platform for individual investigators, within infectious disease, respiratory, public health and other disciplines, to propose and implement multi-centre studies and laboratory collaborations.


Tuberculosis (TB) remains a leading infectious cause of death worldwide, and an important cause of morbidity among migrants arriving in Australia and New Zealand. In response to the 2015 WHO “End TB Strategy”, the Australian government has committed to the global elimination of TB by the middle of this century. However, achieving this ambitious goal will require the development of innovative new strategies with a national and international reach. Such strategies must be based upon high-quality research, which engages clinical and public health practitioners across the country.

The Network will act to facilitate research, however, individual investigators will be responsible for developing research proposals, obtaining funding and supporting research activities. The organisation will have complementary roles, and work alongside other peak clinical and research bodies in Australia and New Zealand to strengthen TB control through research.

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