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Australasian Clinical Tuberculosis Network

Welcome to our network dedicated to advancing tuberculosis
clinical research across Australia and New Zealand

What is ACTnet?

A collaborative network comprising clinicians and researchers passionately committed to propelling scientific, clinical, and public health research on tuberculosis in Australia and New Zealand.


We strive to cultivate the knowledge and expertise necessary to eradicate TB not only within our borders but also globally.

We welcome and encourage all clinicians and researchers to join.


Understanding ACTnet

Our Objectives

Improve the standard of knowledge in the field

Encourage individual and institution collaboration

Foster talented young clinicians and researchers

Communicate scientific findings and experience

Support TB research and pilot projects

Rice terraces in Sapa, Vietnam

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Upcoming Events

TB Journal Club
TB Clinical Trials in Asia Pacific: Behind the Scenes

24th May, 1 pm AEST

ACTnet and Burnet are pleased to present the first session of the Regional TB and Mycobacterial Infectious Journal Club. We are very excited to have Dr Chris Coulter, Director of the Queensland Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory presenting at the first JC! We hope to see you there to participate in a robust discussion on the chosen article!

Registration here!

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