The effect of weekly rifapentine and isoniazid (3HP), compared to 4 months of daily rifampicin (4RIF) upon adherence with treatment for latent TB infection

Dr Greg Fox & Dr Vicky Chang

Treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is a critical part of Australia’s TB elimination strategy. New regimens are now available that can shorten treatment duration, improve adherence and patient convenience. Coupling these interventions with mobile phone-based adherence support can substantially reduce the burden of LTBI treatment for patients and TB services. This multi-centre prospective, open-label, randomised trial will compare treatment adherence among patients taking two alternative effective regimens for LTBI: the new weekly 12 dose regimen of rifapentine / isoniazid (3HP), and daily self-administered rifampicin for 4 months (4RIF). This study will also evaluate the feasibility of scaling up these regimens, and explore their cost-effectiveness and patient acceptability. The study will be conducted at eight TB clinics across Sydney. Findings of this study will strengthen TB services across Sydney through a transition to new shorter regimens that prevent TB. This evidence will underpin support a patient-centred approach to TB care.

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