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Paediatric Tuberculosis

11th May 2020

TB is in the global top 10 leading causes of death in children under five. Migration and international travel have caused TB rates to have risen even in typically low burden countries. A child with infected TB may not have active disease. As a result, children are at risk of becoming reservoirs where TB may become reactivated in adulthood thus fuelling the future epidemic.


Professor Ben Marais from the Marie Bashir Institute of Infectious Disease and Biosecurity, discusses paediatric TB testing, diagnosis, epidemiology, COVID-19, drug resistance in a resource-limited setting, and general TB treatment.

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Post Tuberculosis Lung Disease

9th April 2020


Post TB lung disease is am important yet, difficult area to research. The number of those affected by post TB lung disease is unknown however, evidence suggests it may be significant. Dr Anthony Bryne discusses the importance of post TB lung disease.

Dr Anthony Byrne is a thoracic physician and clinical lead for tuberculosis at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney. Dr Byrne has a strong interest in respiratory infections, asthma, and structural lung disease. 

TBPodPost TB Lung Disease
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Patient Support and Tuberculosis Treatment Adherence

3rd March 2020


Tuberculosis may consist of a long course of treatment requiring a high level of adherence. Adherence is dynamic, complex and consist of a number of factors which influence behaviours.

Dr Kerry Viney from the Australian National University and Mr Neil Heron, Clinical Nurse Consultant from NSW Health TB Program, discuss the controversial yet, important topic on patient TB treatment adherence.



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Latent Tuberculosis Infection

3rd February 2020


What is latent tuberculosis infection? How does it affect patients? How should we treat it? These questions are addressed by Associate Professor Justin Denholm and Dr James Trauer in this podcast.

Associate Professor Justin Denholm is the Medical Director of the Victorian Tuberculosis Program. Dr James Trauer is the head of the Epidemiological Modelling Unit for the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine at Monash University. 

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